Thank You For Parking By…

Hello there,

Thank you for stopping by here. This is a diary of my adventure on two wheels. Just a simple blog with some story and pictures for me to remember how beautiful the times I had now in many years ahead.

Thank you and keep on rollin’…

Warm regards,

Temmy Reddevil Himawan


20 comments on “Thank You For Parking By…

  1. wies,,,keren abis, koleksi fotonya bagus-bagus. dan pengalaman menarik. salut dan keren ! sukses bro. ditunggu inpoh dan foto dvanture berikutnya

  2. salam kenal saya aria dari jawa barat, tepatnya dari cimahi, saya masih baru masuk grup ini, mohon bimbingannya suhu CMIWW

  3. any tips on where to rent 2 honda tigers(or similar) for 3 weeks in jakarta indonesia in september 2015? please help! greetings, sanne

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