Thank You For Parking By…


Hello there,

First of all, let me tell you something, I’m not a true blogger who always update everything in my blog. If my mood is good to write and share, then I’ll write.. :)

I’m just a Biker who like to do some Motorcycle Adventure and Touring: Everywhere, Anywhere, as long as it still capable to be reached by Motorcycle. This blog also my legacy for my kids to know later who their Father was. 

For me myself, Adventour Riding should be fun and interesting. So don’t ever asked about destination or how far I’ve been, because Adventour Ride is not about that. It’s all about fun and ride!

Just For The Love of The Ride…!


Warm regards,

Temmy Reddevil Himawan

13 thoughts on “Thank You For Parking By…

  1. wakakaka says:

    ride on bro…

  2. Rendi says:

    Salam Kenal dari Riau…………….

  3. anto - jakarta says:

    wies,,,keren abis, koleksi fotonya bagus-bagus. dan pengalaman menarik. salut dan keren ! sukses bro. ditunggu inpoh dan foto dvanture berikutnya

  4. bobby says:

    bro temmy, gw inget loe dulu di city kan? gw pake pulsar180

  5. abramsp says:

    ajarin sy bhs Inggris dong mas Temmy. salam kenal. mas. eheheh :D

  6. omlimen says:

    haiii om biji…. numpang parkir yak :D

  7. aria Wirata says:

    salam kenal saya aria dari jawa barat, tepatnya dari cimahi, saya masih baru masuk grup ini, mohon bimbingannya suhu CMIWW

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